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Home Have A Basement And Adding On An Addition? 2 Tips To Get It Done Right

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If your home has a basement and you would like to add an addition onto your home, you must do things in the right way or this will not work. This is because having a basement will make things go a little differently. To prevent problems, below are two tips to ensure the job is done right.

Concrete Slab Sawing

You have to cut into your existing home's foundation in order to add an addition. You should never try to do this yourself as you would probably not do things correctly. If you did do this and messed up this would cause a lot of problems with your current foundation, which would leave to a lot of repairs resulting in you spending a lot of money.

Hire a contractor that does concrete slab sawing. They will have a slab that has a blade on it to cut through the foundation. There are several types of blades available and what they choose will depend on how hard the concrete is and the depth they need to cut. A common type of blade used for this is known as a diamond blade. When doing this, the contractor will cut through the concrete a little at a time and then put in supports for your foundation as they go, which are called footings. These footings will keep the foundation in place securely. The footings swill likely stay in place once the contractor is finished. 

Adding on the Addition

Because you are adding on an addition the concrete slab sawing contractor has to add onto the current foundation.  If the foundation is even with the basement this is known as a slab foundation. The contractor will install footings deep around the perimeter of the addition, so the weight is supported. This addition is at the same grade level as the current foundation so this will be less expensive than other types of foundation options. 

Once the concrete is cut and the new addition is ready, the contractor will pour the concrete into the new area. Once the concrete is poured, the contractor will use a special tool to smooth out the concrete, so it connects to the old concrete perfectly. When finished, you would not be tell there was separate concrete. 

Talk with the contractor that you hire to do the slab sawing work for you, and they can give you many more details to help you understand what is going to happen. For more information, contact companies like A & B Concrete Coring Company.