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Foundation Shifted? 4 Signs Your Home Needs Leveling Solutions Right Away

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If the foundation of your home isn't level, you're going to run into some serious problems. Unfortunately, because the foundation is under your house, you can't always get a good view of things. The condition of your garage floor can give you an indication of the condition of your foundation, especially if you live in a region that experiences earthquakes. However, cracks in your garage floor – or lack of cracks – doesn't automatically ensure that the same conditions exist with the foundation of your home. That's where the ability to rely on other signs comes in handy. Here are five signs that your concrete foundation needs to be leveled.

Your Chimney Isn't Straight

If you have a fireplace in your home, the chimney is a good place to start when looking for foundation problems. If you think your home has suffered foundation damage, take a look at your chimney. It should be standing straight and tall in relation to the roof of your home. If your chimney isn't straight, and you can see visible signs of leaning, you need to have a contractor come out and inspect your foundation. Chances are good that your foundation needs to be leveled out.

Your Floors Have Developed a Slope

When the foundation to your home was constructed, it had a level surface. A level surface is crucial to ensuring the structural integrity of your home. If you suspect that your home has suffered foundation damage, test out the floors. You can do that by placing a ball on the kitchen or bathroom floor in your home. If the ball rolls without being pushed, your foundation is no longer level. If you don't have a ball, you can also use a tin can for this step. Simply lay the can on its side and wait to see if it rolls away.

Your Drywall Has Visible Cracks

If your foundation has damage, you may see signs of that damage in the drywall of your home. As the foundation cracks and separates, the drywall will give into the pressure. When that happens, you'll begin to see tiny cracks developing in the seams and along the edges where the drywall meets the ceiling. If these cracks and gaps expand or grow in length, you need to have your foundation inspected right away. You may need to have the foundation leveled out to prevent further damage to your home.

Don't wait until the damage is irreparable. If you recognize any of the warning signs described above, contact a concrete contractor immediately. There are concrete leveling solutions available to repair the damage and prevent further destruction to your home.