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Tips For Caring For Your Polished Concrete Floor To Protect Its Beauty

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Polished concrete floors can last quite a while before they'll need to be refinished. Like all flooring, how you take care of it will determine how long it will look its best. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you keep up with the appearance of your polished concrete floors.

Dust Mop – Not Brooms

Get rid of those bristled brooms that you may have been using. They are not exactly effective in removing the dust and dirt that coats your flooring. Instead, invest in a couple of good dust mops. They make different sizes and shapes of dust mops for residential and commercial uses.

Regularly dust mop the floor – the more traffic, the more times you'll need to dust mop each week. For low-traffic areas, you shouldn't need to dust mop more than once a week, but those areas that experience a lot of traffic should be dust mopped every other day, if not daily.

The dust mop will trap all of the dust and dirt particles in it and shine the floor as it works. Just be sure to remove the dust mop cover every few weeks and send it through the laundry. The more dirt that is caked in the cover, the less effective it will be in shining the floor as you dust mop.

Flat Mop – Not Strings

There may be times in which string mops are required for cleaning up big messes, but for regular cleanings, use a flat mop.

Flat mops come with terrycloth or microfiber covers that are removed, dipped into a bucket of hot water, put back on the head, and used to clean the floor. Instead of leaving the floors sopping wet, the floor will be relatively dry even as you mop it. This allows the mop to not only clean but polish the floor to a shine as you clean it.

Polishing Services

As soon as you notice that the shine is fading, it's time to bring in the professionals. Having the concrete floor polished will extend how long it looks its best. The polishing process not only restores the shine but will help to remove any dirt that regular mopping does not. In commercial settings, concrete floors may need to be polished a few times each year, but in residential settings, once a year, or once every other year will do.

Talk with your local concrete floor company like Clean Force Concrete Corp. for further information about caring for your polished concrete floor to protect its beauty.