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Did a Fire Destroy All of Your Construction Vehicles? 4 Things to Do Next

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When you store all of your construction vehicles under one roof, you expect that they will be safe there. What you did not account for was the fire that burned all of the construction trucks and equipment in one night. How are you supposed to conduct business as usual? Here is what you do next.

Rent a Dump Truck, Front Loader, Backhoe, and Crane

All of these construction trucks/equipment can be rented. That is great news considering the fact that you cannot begin to replace everything you lost in the fire until the insurance claims adjuster investigates your company's storage property. All you have to do is get on the phone with one of these crane rental places and request cranes, dump trucks, backhoes, and front loaders and you are still in business.

Supply Your Crew with Handheld or Hand-Operated Equipment

If any or all of your other pieces of equipment, specifically your handheld or hand-operated items were damaged in the fire, you have double the luck today. Rental equipment stores and hardware stores have all the items you need, from a portable concrete and cement mixer to a pneumatic jackhammer. You can rent all of this stuff, load it into one or two pickup trucks, and bring it to the work zone. 

Get Smaller Tools

Sometimes your crew forgets to take the tools out of the work vehicles. This time, it was quite the disadvantage for them to do that. Short of the metal heads on the hammers and the metal bodies on wrenches and screwdrivers, everything is cinders and ash. Even then, the metal parts that survived are covered in soot and not looking quite right. Chances are, your team have their own tools. They will need to bring their own tools every day for the next several weeks if they are going to work and get paid. At least having them bring their own tools is free.

File an Insurance Claim and Follow Up

Sure, it is great that you can rent everything from a crane to a table saw, but it will be nice to get the settlement check from the insurance company and invest in replacement equipment. Do not forget to file a claim right away, and be sure to follow up with your insurance on a weekly basis. You need to know in advance how long you will need truck and crane rentals, and you cannot do that if your insurance cannot tell you when you will get your check.