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Replace A Dirt Pathway On Your Property With A Concrete Walkway

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If the dirt pathway leading to your home's back porch becomes muddy after it rains, upgrade the area by create a concrete walkway by completing the steps below. The walkway will prevent you from tracking mud into your home and will improve the appearance of your backyard. 


  • wooden stakes
  • measuring tape
  • large shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • garden hose
  • tamping tool
  • lumber
  • containers of concrete ready mix
  • mixing stick
  • concrete float

Mark And Clear The Property

Use a measuring tape and wooden stakes to mark straight sides for the new walkway. Use a large shovel to dig down into the ground several inches inside of the marked area. Place the shovelfuls of grass or dirt into a wheelbarrow and dump them in another part of your yard. Use a garden hose to clean the wheelbarrow's interior. Use a tamping tool to flatten the base of the walkway so that the entire length and width of it are the same height. 

Pour Concrete Into The Walkway

Lay a piece of lumber across each side of the walkway. The lumber will act as a barrier that will prevent concrete from spilling onto other parts of your property. Purchase buckets or concrete ready mix. Stir the contents in each bucket for a couple minutes until the concrete is an even consistency. Pour the mixed concrete into a wheelbarrow. Roll the wheelbarrow over to one of the sides of the new walkway. Lift the handle of the wheelbarrow to pour the concrete into the base of the walkway.

Smooth Out The Concrete And Wait For It To Dry

Use a concrete float to smooth out the surface of the walkway. Move the float from one end of the walkway to the other while holding onto the tool's handle. Use consistent pressure and  take care so that you do not accidentally touch the walkway's surface with your hands. Set up some cones or a sign next to the walkway to prevent anyone from walking on it while you are waiting for the concrete to cure. This may take several days and depends upon the thickness of the walkway.

Once the concrete has hardened, remove the cones or sign. You will have a suitable area to walk upon in order to cross your backyard and will not need to worry about walking through mud after it rains. Keep the surface of the walkway clean by removing dirt from it with soapy water and a scrub brush on occasion.

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