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How To Repair Cracks And Holes In A Concrete Patio And Add A Layer Of Protection To It

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If the concrete patio in your backyard is showing signs of wear and tear, including small cracks and loose concrete, restore it to its original condition by completing the following steps below. Once your patio looks as good as new, add a coat of sealer to its surface to prevent it from becoming damaged again.


  • broom
  • stiff-bristled scrub brush
  • industrial-strength detergent
  • water hose
  • putty knife
  • ready mix concrete
  • wooden stirring stick
  • trowel
  • concrete sealer
  • paint tray
  • paint roller
  • roller frame

​Remove Loose Debris And Clean The Patio

Use a broom to sweep up loose pieces of concrete. Clean the patio with a stiff-bristled brush and industrial-strength detergent. If there are any broken pieces of concrete that are stuck in between cracks in the patio, use the tip of a putty knife to assist with loosening them. Rinse the patio off with a strong stream of water when you are finished. Wait for the concrete to dry.

Fill In Cracks And Holes With Ready Mix Concrete

Purchase a bucket of ready mix concrete. This type of product will work well to patch damaged areas and does not need any additional materials added to it during the preparation stage. Use a wooden stirring stick to mix the contents in the bucket until they are an even consistency. Fill in cracks and small holes in the patio by applying an even amount of mix to a trowel and pressing it into the areas that are missing concrete.

Use the flat part of the trowel to smooth out the surface of the concrete. Wait for the concrete mix to dry. Follow the directions that are printed on the bucket and touch the concrete's surface with your fingertips to ensure that each repaired area is hard. 

Apply Concrete Sealer

Pour a container of concrete sealer into a paint tray. Dip a paint roller into the tray until it is evenly coated with the sealer. Apply the sealer by moving it across the patio in straight lines. Begin on one side of the patio. Add more sealer to the roller as needed. Once the entire patio is covered, wait for it to dry. During this time, you may want to place a sign or cones next to the patio so that nobody walks on it.

Once the sealer has dried, the patio will look new again. The sealer will prevent cracks and holes from forming on the patio's surface after it is exposed to excessive moisture. Contact a company like Van Doren Red-E-Mix for more information.