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Building A New Home And Want A Great Outdoor Area? What To Include During Construction

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You are in the middle of building a house and you have no greenery or outdoor living spaces yet. How do you choose what to put in? There are some great features you want to consider before you wrap up construction on your property, and you may be able to finance the cost of these things in your home loan. You'll want to think about adding the following three things to your property.

Stamped Concrete Patio

A stamped concrete patio will outline an area for outdoor patio furniture, outdoor dining, entertaining and more. You can get the patio poured and stamped to look like flagstone, tile, wood planks, or natural rocks, and it can be stained any color that you want. You can even request a customized emblem, retainer wall, or matching fire pit to go with the patio. The concrete is a very durable material, and is robust through a variety of weather conditions. 


Adding mature greenery around the yard instead of a paneled vinyl privacy fence is a great way to seclude your yard in a more appealing way. You can work with a landscaping company to get mature trees, full bushes, and tall climbing plants that will act as a wall. If you don't want to wait for grass to come in, request a price for sod. You can even ask about plants that repel insects, if you're worried about having bugs around your home and outdoor entertaining areas.

Wood Fencing

Do you have kids or pets and you want a fenced-in yard? Have the wood post fence put in, and add wire mesh to the fencing to keep your kids and pets inside the yard. You won't have to damage the landscaping later if you have it installed before the grass is planted. This fencing is see-through and discrete, while giving you security and privacy without secluding your property. Check with the homeowners association to see what restrictions or requirements apply.

If you don't think you'll have the cash to do all of these things after the house is constructed, or if you want them done at the same time as the house is built, talk with your home mortgage company to see if you can have these additions put in the home loan. All of these features are going to help you enjoy your house and the outdoor areas, while improving the property at the same time. Contact a company like Hofmann Concrete Construction LLC for more information.