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Important Reasons To Hire A Commercial Concrete Contractor

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Do you need to have a porch or other large concrete area poured? Have you been looking into the various costs and have decided to do the project yourself? While many concrete projects can be done by the average person, not all projects should be attempted. Here are some important reasons why you should hire commercial concrete contractors for your larger or more complicated projects:

Weather differences: If you've ever done any baking, you know that the exact same cake recipe can come out different on different days. Maybe one day the water is slightly cooler or you add just a little bit less baking powder than usual, causing the cake to not rise as high as you expected. If you're an experienced baker, you can account for at least some of these variables and create identical cakes on different days. The same is true for commercial concrete contractors. They have a great deal of experience in making sure that the concrete that gets poured on a sunny and hot day is the same quality and will last for the same amount of time as the concrete that gets poured on a cloudy and humid day. 

Better uniformity: Unless you have access to an industrial concrete mixer, each batch of concrete will turn out slightly differently. Even if you manage to mix several batches so that you can do the pour all on one day, eliminating the weather variable, you may still find that the different mixes have different textures and slightly different color variations. But commercial concrete contractors will have access to a large cement mixer, the kind mounted on a truck. Instead of making five, ten or twenty batches of concrete, it'll be one large pour. This will help to eliminate variations due to pouring at different times over the course of the day. The entire pour will have the same mix of sand, gravel and mortar as any other part, ensuring a more ideal look.

Color tinting: Ordinary concrete is usually a beige or gray color, something you might consider to be boring. You might be thinking about painting the concrete afterwards, to liven up its appearance. However, paint will need to be renewed every year and can be a huge mess. If you know that you always want an orange, red or blue porch, you can look for commercial concrete contractors who are able to mix dyed concrete. With dyed concrete, the color is mixed into the concrete itself. This eliminates painting, allowing you to have a beautiful concrete area for many years to come. Even if the concrete happens to chip or crack in the future, the concrete underneath will be the same color so these chips or cracks may be less obvious.