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How To Give The Front Of Your House A Beautiful New Look

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Perhaps you love the architecture of your home, but you realize that it needs further attention to give it more pizzaz. If that's the case, from the driveway to the front door, here are some ideas that might help you to give the front of your house a beautiful new look.

If You Have A Large Space In Front Of Your House - Do you already have a circular driveway? If not, including that in your project would definitely add a graceful and lovely look to your home. Choose brick or flagstone. Another idea for a circular driveway would be to select concrete and to faux paint it. Concrete is affordable and extremely durable. And, faux painting it opens all kinds of possibilities. For example, you could choose the look of marble, Saltillo tile, or even the look of an Oriental carpet. The great part about faux painting concrete is that, even with the passage of time, the design will be beautiful as it ages. You can also contact a local concrete company, like Island Ready-Mix Concrete or a similar location, for more tips and ideas on how to improve the look of a driveway.

If You Have Limited Space In Front Of Your House - The addition of even a short pathway from the sidewalk to your front door would add interest to your home. Again, bricks, flagstone or faux painted concrete would add drama. Plant low shrubs or flowers along both sides of the pathway. If you already have a concrete landing in front of your front door, faux paint it to give it new life. Concrete is a great material for flooring because it's super easy to care for. Simply sweep it or wash it off with your garden hose and you're good to go. 

Create Interest In Your Landscaping - As you plant shrubs, ferns, flowering plants and other botanicals, enhance them with hardscape items. For example, a tiered water fountain or other classic statuary would be a great focal point in your flower garden. Include large natural rocks, decorative pots and hanging baskets full of foliage and flowers, too. As you select outdoor lighting, don't forget to include the area around the circular driveway or the walkway in your design.

The Front Door - Perhaps you don't need a new front door, but you want to give the one you already have more pizzaz. A great way to do that is by painting it a bold color. Shiny black, terra cotta red, apple red, yellow or turquoise are all among colors that would add interest to the door. Clean and shine hardware on the door, or select totally new hardware. Match the doorbell to the hardware on your front door.

Outdoor lighting will also add beauty to your home. Select light fixtures that will complement the hardware on your door. For example, if you have brass hardware, select brass light fixtures.