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A Variety Of Uses For Your Old Concrete

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As a home owner, at some point in time you will have to hire a mason contractor, such as Trinity Masonry & Concrete, to come re-surface or replace your driveway, patio, or other concrete surface. Instead of taking your old concrete to a dump, or having your contractor dispose of it, you can use it around your yard and garden for simple, affordable landscaping. The key factor in determining how to best reuse concrete is the size of the concrete pieces. Whether you have small bits and pieces, or medium to large blocks, there are a variety of uses for old concrete.

Smaller Concrete Pieces Can Be Used Instead Of Gravel

Small pieces of concrete can be used in the same way as gravel or other small stones. One ideal use for little bits of concrete is to use it to fill in a garden or the space around decorative plants.

First dig out the area in your garden, planters, or flower garden to remove grass and weeds. Then get out some landscaping fabric and cut out small holes that will fit around your plants. You can also lay fabric down on un-planted dirt and cut out spaces where you will be planting.

Once you have laid down the fabric over the plants, simply cover the remaining area with bits of concrete, the same way you would with small stones. Not only does this look great, but it will prevent any weeds from popping up. This means less gardening work for you!

Ideas for Larger Pieces of Concrete

Larger, flat pieces of concrete can be made into a walkway. Dig out shallow pits that match the size of your concrete pieces. The holes should only be deep enough that the concrete will be ground level once they are put in place. Pack down the dirt around your concrete stepping stones to ensure that they stay in place.

You can also use large concrete pieces to make a small fire pit in your backyard. Since people don't need to walk on the fire pit you won't need to be as careful in selecting regular, flat concrete pieces. Clear the grass and weeds from your desired location, dig a small area and lay down the concrete pieces where you have dug. A concrete bed for your fire pit will prevent a fire from spreading. The fire pit should be built with a few feet to spare on each side so that the fire has a buffer zone.

Concrete pieces and blocks also work very well in creating a wall. They stack easily and still have a pleasant look. To ensure the wall stays together, it is recommended to use steel mesh or baskets as a holder for the concrete pieces. You may also use fresh cement to essentially glue your concrete blocks together. Either method works very well, so choose the one you find most visually appealing.

Regardless of size, old concrete has a wide variety of uses. With a little bit of time and hard work, there is always a new use for that old concrete!